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TIPS DCA (Dedicated Cash Account)

Account held by a bank as a TIPS Participant, opened and used for the settlement of instant payments in TIPS. TIPS DCAs are governed by the TARGET2 Guideline.

TIPS DN (Distinguished Name)

Network address used by participants in TIPS to send and receive instant payment orders. The TIPS DN is also used as a technical address (Party Technical Address) for receiving notifications and reports.

TIPS GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Graphic interface used by TIPS users in order to interact with the platform in U2A mode.

TIPS Participant

A participant in TIPS, owner of one or many TIPS DCAs. A TIPS Participant is identified by a BIC11.

Transit Account

An account held by each central bank responsible for the RTGS System related to a given settlement currency in TIPS. The transit account reflects any movement of liquidity from/to the RTGS. The ECB is responsible for the Transit Account denominated in euro.

Triparty service

a service through which a market player entrusts a third party (see triparty agent) with the selection, mobilization and, more generally speaking, the overall management of collateral, both for market and credit operations within the Eurosystem.