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A2A (Application-to-Application)

Interaction between IT applications (typical interaction method between computers that generally cooperate among themselves via a data communication network).

AAU (Authorized Account User)

A participant in TIPS (TIPS Participant or Reachable Party) authorized to settle payments on a TIPS DCA or CMB. The authorization is assigned to the participant as the holder of an identification code, the BIC. The configuration of an AAU is performed through the CRDM.

Acceptance Timestamp

Date and time (expressed in UTC) indicating the starting point in time of the execution process of an instant payment. This information is contained in the instant payment order sent to the TIPS platform.


See: Automated clearing house.

Ancillary system

A system managed by an entity established in the EEA (see EEA) that is subject to supervision and/or oversight by a competent authority and complies with the oversight requirements for the location of infrastructures offering services in euro. In an ancillary system, payments and financial instruments are exchanged and/or cleared and the resulting monetary obligations are settled in TARGET2 (see TARGET2).


The beneficiary of a previously settled instant payment for which the Assigner is demanding to be reimbursed. The Assignee can respond to the refund request by sending to TIPS a positive (positive recall answer) or negative (negative recall answer) response message.


Participant in TIPS requesting the refund of a previously settled payment order. The refund is requested through a Recall Request.

Automated clearing house (ACH)

An infrastructure that enables participants to exchange flows containing payment orders automatically, according to shared business rules and standards. An ACH can also clear the debit and credit positions of participants arising from the exchange of payment flows and calculate the balances (bilateral or multilateral) to be settled.