Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research

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Director General: Sergio Nicoletti Altimari

Deputy Director General: Andrea Brandolini

Deputy Director General: Silvia Vori

High-level advisor to the Director General: Paolo Del Giovane

Number of employees: 609


Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy Directorate

The Directorate provides informational and technical support for the Bank's contribution to the formulation of monetary policy at Eurosystem level. To this end, it carries out research and analysis on cyclical developments, forecasting scenarios, and developments in the money, credit and financial markets.

It carries out research on econometric theory and methodology and develops and maintains the corresponding models.

Number of employees: 73


Financial Stability Directorate

It coordinates the preparatory work for the ECB's Governing Council and General Council, the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), the EU's Economic and Financial Committee, and the Financial Stability Board.

It collaborates with other units within the Bank of Italy to conduct analyses and assessments of the risks to financial stability and, by building dedicated indicators, to develop proposals for the calibration of the tools deployed to prevent and mitigate these risks; it is responsible for drafting and submitting to the competent bodies the proposals concerning the macroprudential measures in the Bank's remit.

It is responsible for the preparation of the Bank's Financial Stability Report.

It carries out research and analyses on the structure of the banking and financial intermediation markets.

Number of employees: 71


Structural Economic Analysis Directorate

The Directorate carries out research and analysis on the Italian economy, in particular its real structure and geographical configuration, on the public finances, and on structural and budgetary economic policies, including in comparison with the other leading economies and in a historical perspective. On these issues, it provides informational and technical support for the Bank's assessments of economic policy matters in national and international fora.

It is responsible for managing the Paolo Baffi library.

Number of employees: 111


International relations and economics directorate

The Directorate carries out research and analyses on general issues regarding the world economy and the economies outside the euro area.

It represents the Bank in economic and financial fora and in international financial institutions, either by participating directly in committees and working groups with its experts or by coordinating the preparation of documentation and of technical support.

It coordinates the Bank's technical cooperation with the monetary and financial institutions of emerging and developing countries.

Number of employees: 65


Statistical Analysis directorate

The Directorate develops methodological analyses and is responsible for compiling and publishing the financial accounts and balance sheets of the institutional sectors and the balance of payments, in cooperation with the other competent units within the Bank.

It oversees the design and management of the sample surveys conducted with firms and households to support economic analysis and economic policy in Italy.

It manages the databases used for economic research purposes and the exchange of data both inside and outside the Bank.

It tests innovative statistical methodologies and technologies.

It conducts statistical and economic research and analysis.

Number of employees: 88


Statistical Data Collection and Processing Directorate

The Directorate manages the collection, processing and distribution, both inside and outside the Bank, of statistical data on banking and finance and other economic activities relevant to the Bank of Italy. It designs statistical data collection operations, it oversee their quality, and compiles the necessary statistical aggregates for monetary policy purposes and for external publication.

It manages the statistical system common to all the Bank's institutional functions.

It is in charge of the Central Credit Register.

It carries out the activities connected with the Bank of Italy's role as national numbering agency for Italy. It manages the registers of entities and of financial instruments to meet the Bank's statistical needs.

Number of employees: 151