Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research

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Director General: Eugenio Gaiotti

Deputy Director General: Marco Magnani
Deputy Director General: Luigi Cannari
Number of employees: 593

Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy Directorate

The directorate carries out research and analysis in the fields of conjunctural assessment and projections for the euro area and Italy and of currency, credit and financial markets in the euro area and Italy, and also performs the related econometric modelling. Its primary aim is to provide informational and technical support for the Bank's contribution to the formulation of the euro area's monetary policy.

Number of employees: 74


Financial Stability Directorate

Conducts analysis and research on issues of financial stability, also in collaboration with other Units of the Bank and coordinates the Bank's periodic Financial Stability Report. Performs research and analysis on the structure of the banking and financial markets.

Coordinates the preparations for the meetings of the ECB Governing Council and General Council and of the European Systemic Risk Board.

Number of employees: 54


Structural Economic Analysis Directorate

The directorate carries out research and analysis on the Italian economy, in particular its real structure and geographical configuration, on the public finances, and on structural and budgetary economic policies, both in comparison with the other leading economies and in historical perspective. It thus provides informational and technical support for the Bank's assessments of economic and financial policy matters in national and international fora. It is responsible for managing the Paolo Baffi library and the Bank's historical archive.

Number of employees: 127


International relations and economics directorate

The directorate carries out research and analysis on general issues regarding the world economy and the economies outside the euro area; it liaises between the Bank and international institutions regarding economic and financial debate on these issues, participating directly in committees and working groups and coordinating activities relating to the participation of members of the Governing Board. The directorate coordinates the Bank's technical cooperation with the monetary and financial institutions of emerging and developing countries.

Number of employees: 63


Statistical Analysis directorate

The directorate is responsible for the methodologies, compilation and dissemination of aggregate monetary, banking, financial and balance-of-payments statistics in collaboration with the other competent units. It designs and carries out sample surveys of firms and households that are helpful for the analysis of the economy and economic policy in Italy. It undertakes research and analysis in the field of economic statistics and methodology and runs the database that serves the entire Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research.

Number of employees: 66


Statistical Data Collection and Processing Directorate

The Directorate handles data on banking activity, statistics on external accounts and selected other economic activities of interest to the Bank.

It provides a centralized credit register. It operates its databases for the benefit of both internal and external users and performs activities connected with the Bank's role as national numbering agency for Italian securities.

Number of employees: 160