Directorate General for Information Technology

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Director General: Ebe Bultrini

Deputy Director General: Andrea Cividini
Number of employees: 608

IT Development Directorate

The Directorate designs, implements and ensures the development of IT applications and infrastructures supporting the activities of the Bank and of the ESCB.

In this context, it drives the demand for innovation; it develops and maintains computer applications, systems, data networks, document management and communication services.

It oversees IT security in new projects.

It fosters technological know-how and helps coordinate the activities of the Interbank Convention on Automation (CIPA).

Number of employees: 300


IT Operations Directorate

The Directorate ensures the delivery of IT services supporting the activities of the Bank and of the ESCB.

To this end, it manages and maintains the computing, network and security infrastructures; administers individual workstations and software assets and provides assistance to users; it coordinates the processes for rollout and modifications of IT assets and oversees the security of the systems in operation.

Number of employees: 208


IT Planning directorate

The Directorate carries out activities connected with the Bank of Italy's IT architecture, financial planning and project portfolio management, and cybernetic security; it acts as consultant and rapporteur for IT operational risk management and IT security processes; it also ensures the technical secretariat for the Directorate General's activities in the international bodies.

It conducts research on new technologies.

Number of employees: 98