Directorate General for Property and Tenders

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Director General: Ciro Vacca

Deputy Director General: Francesco Giagulli

Number of employees: 432


Property Directorate

The Directorate handles the general and technical administration apart from the exceptions provided for by internal regulations - of all property owned by the Bank and, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the property of other institutions whose activity is connected with that of the Bank. It plans, designs and carries out work on the property, it is responsible for overseeing its execution, it performs administrative controls, and it ensures that the acceptance tests are conducted properly.

It handles the purchase, refurbishment and sale of buildings in keeping with the Bank's property investment policies and manages rentals and lettings.

It develops innovative solutions for the organization of spaces according to smart working principles. Defines policies and oversees anti-crime security activities.

It is responsible for managing the contracts relating to work and maintenance on the Bank's property.

Number of employees: 200



The Directorate manages the Bank's general utility services by defining its policies.

It provides services related to corporate welfare, general goods supplies and insurance contracts.

It takes care of the management and enhancement of the Bank's artistic assets.

The Directorate is responsible for the logistical and servicing support for events and for the Bank's spaces of historical and artistic interest open to the public.

The Directorate manages the Bank's centralized surveillance system.

Number of employees: 145


Tenders Directorate

The Directorate is in charge of tender procedures for purchasing goods and services for the whole Bank, as provided for by the relevant regulations.

It draws up the procurement plan and supervises the Purchasing Process Manager, who works on contract management.

Number of employees: 85