Directorate General for Consumer Protection and Financial Education

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Director General: Magda Bianco

Deputy Director General: Fabio Bernasconi

Number of employees: 164


Financial Intermediaries Conduct Supervision Directorate

It promotes fair and transparent relations between intermediaries and customers.

It is responsible for controls and interventions in matters relating to transparency and fairness and to rights and obligations of parties in the provision of payment services, in collaboration with the other competent authorities. It is responsible for the administrative tasks following the results of off-site analysis and on-site inspections.

It monitors changes in national and international law that are relevant to the work of the directorate, liaising with parliament, the government, other general government entities and the supervisory authorities.

It draws up and updates the regulations concerning banking and financial customer protection.

It develops methods for the analysis and evaluation of supervised entities as regards customer protection and defines the operational criteria to be applied as part of its control and intervention activities.

It carries out periodic analysis of system risks for customers in terms of protection.

Prepares, with regard to the prevention of and fight against usury, the guidelines for the data collection required by law.

Number of employees: 52


Consumer Protection Directorate

It coordinates and manages the support activity of the Banking and Financial Ombudsman, an alternative dispute resolution body.

It provides support for the performance of the Bank’s role as the national competent authority responsible for assessing the Banking and Financial Ombudsman’s quality requirements.

It coordinates the handling of complaints concerning the relations between intermediaries and customers in matters of customer protection, also carrying out the necessary qualitative and quantitative analyses.

It liases with consumer associations and other stakeholders.

Number of employees: 43


Financial Education Directorate

It plans, coordinates and implements, also with the involvement of the branches, financial education initiatives for students and adults.

It carries out qualitative and quantitative analyses on financial literacy.

It updates and develops the financial education portal and collaborates with the national committee for financial education.

It liases with external entities and, in particular, with the Ministry of Education.

It coordinates the work experience projects offered by the Bank to introduce students into the world of work.

Number of employees: 45