Secretariat to the Governing Board

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This directorate liaises between the Governing Board and the constitutional bodies, Italian authorities and institutions, the European Central Bank and other central banks, and with Italian and foreign economic and financial organizations.

The Secretariat carries out coordination and support activities for relations between the Bank's directorates and with associated bodies. It provides secretarial support to the Governing Board for the approval of measures of external significance, pursuant to Law 262/2005, in relation to the Bank's institutional duties.

It provides operational support for the Annual Shareholders Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors. It prepares a report, presented to Parliament annually, on operations regarding the shareholdings in the Bank's capital. It assists the Board of Directors and the Governing Board in activities relating to the Bank's charitable grants and contributions to initiatives of public interest. It organizes the presentation of the Bank of Italy's Annual Report.

It directs and coordinates institutional activities in the field of climate change and sustainability, also by conducting studies and in-depth analyses. In addition, it collaborates with national and international institutions on these issues.

It manages and is responsible for certain processes classified as critical for the Bank's business continuity.

Number of employees: 106

Head: Patrizio Pagano