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  1. No. 486 - Bank capital and lending behaviour: empirical evidence for ItalyData di pubblicazione:25 September 2003by Leonardo Gambacorta and Paolo Emilio Mistrulli
  2. No. 485 - The use of composite indicators in regional business-cycle analysis: an application to the economy of VenetoData di pubblicazione:25 September 2003by P. Chiades, M. Gallo and A. Venturini
  3. No. 484 - What is this thing called confidence? A comparative analysis of consumer confidence indices in eight major countriesData di pubblicazione:25 September 2003by Roberto Golinelli and Giuseppe Parigi
  4. No. 483 - Risk aversion, wealth and background riskData di pubblicazione:25 September 2003by Luigi Guiso and Monica Paiella
  5. No. 482 - The distribution of income and wealth in the Italian regionsData di pubblicazione:25 June 2003by L. Cannari and G. D'Alessio
  6. No. 481 - Bank competition and firm creationData di pubblicazione:25 June 2003by E. Bonaccorsi di Patti and G. Dell'Ariccia
  7. No. 480 - Cost efficiency in the retail payment networks: first evidence from the Italian credit card systemData di pubblicazione:25 June 2003by Guerino Ardizzi
  8. No. 479 - The effects of bank mergers on credit availability: evidence from corporate dataData di pubblicazione:25 June 2003by E. Bonaccorsi di Patti and G. Gobbi
  9. No. 478 - Dealing with unexpected shocks to the budgetData di pubblicazione:25 June 2003by E. Gennari, R. Giordano and S. Momigliano
  10. No. 477 - Household composition and the personal income tax: an analysis of the redistribution effects and some remarks on social welfareData di pubblicazione:25 June 2003by M.R. Marino and C. Rapallini

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