Italian Payments Committee

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The Italian Payments Committee (IPC) is a cooperation forum whose main objective is to foster the development of a secure, innovative and competitive market for private and public payments in Italy able to respond to global challenges and to meet the needs of users (enterprises, households and public administrations).

This new Committee provides a permanent forum for discussing key issues pertaining to the payment industry. It will play a role of point of contact vis-à-vis other national and European committees/fora. In particular, it will act as a hub for the collection and forwarding of requests from the Italian financial sector to the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB), coordinated by the European Central Bank.

The IPC is chaired by the Bank of Italy; its members are representatives of the supply and demand side of the market (representatives of the banking community, payment institutions, retailers and consumers), payment service providers (banks, post office, payment institutions), technical service providers and the Public Administration.

The IPC usually gathers in plenary sessions but ad hoc working groups may be set up in order to perform technical activities or address urgent matters.

In performing its role as leader and coordinator of the IPC initiatives, Bank of Italy will act as facilitator of the cooperation among the various interests at play and ensure the overall consistency between the decisions taken at the European and national level.

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Annual Report of the Italian Payments Committee

The Italian Payments Committee (IPC) is a cooperative body formed in 2015 at the behest of the Bank of Italy whose main objective is to strengthen the Italian payments industry’s ability to meet the needs of users (enterprises, households and general government entities) and to successfully compete in an increasingly innovative and integrated market. The IPC submits an annual report of its activities.