CODISE and the business continuity in the Italian financial market

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CODISE (the unit for business continuity), created in 2003, is responsible for crisis management coordination in the Italian financial marketplace. It is chaired by the Banca d'Italia and includes representatives of CONSOB and the systemically important financial institutions.

It serves to purpose to facilitate the exchange of information, the adoption of the necessary measures to deal with events that may put at risk the system business continuity, the smooth functioning of financial infrastructures and the public confidence in money. Interventions are defined according to the type of event, its extent and its potential impacts on the financial system.

CODISE plans and executes simulations to check the adequacy of its procedures, while allowing participants to test their internal procedures for business continuity management.

It is also a forum for analysis and discussion among its participants on the evolution of business continuity threats, risk prevention and control measures including cyber security.

CODISE's objectives, its roles, responsibilities and activities are described in the guide.

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