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  1. 15 October 2019 Communication on Brexit A communication has been published in which the Bank of Italy urges financial intermediaries and other stakeholders to be prepared in the event of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) without an agreement. The communication...
  2. 11 October 2019 New releases of Occasional Papers of the Bank of Italy - 11 October 2019 Today the Bank of Italy has released fourteen new Occasional Papers (No. 507-520).
  3. 9 October 2019 Speech by Fabio Panetta on Insurance Education Day Fabio Panetta, Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy and President of the Insurance Supervisory Authority (IVASS), spoke today in Rome on the occasion of Insurance Education Day.
  4. 8 October 2019 New releases of Working Papers of the Bank of Italy Today the Bank of Italy has released ten new Working Papers (No. 1233-1242).
  5. 8 October 2019 Testimony on the Update to the 2019 DEF by Deputy Governor Signorini Luigi Federico Signorini, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy, testified at the preliminary hearing on the Update to the 2019 Economic and Financial Document (DEF) before the joint session of the Fifth Committees of the Senate of the Republic (Economic...
  6. 4 October 2019 Speech by Alessandra Perrazzelli for the 51st edition of Credit Day Alessandra Perrazzelli, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy, spoke today at a conference held in Rome to mark the 51st edition of Credit Day, which this year is entitled 'Stability and efficiency of the financial system: from firm size to the...

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September 2019 - September 2018

Euro area

GDP growth

Second quarter 2019 - First quarter 2019

Euro area

Exchange rates

date: 16 October 2019


ECB interest rates

As of 16 March 2016

Main refinancing operations


Reform of euro money market benchmarks

The reform of euro money market benchmarks aims to strengthen their integrity and representativeness, both endangered in recent years by some cases of manipulation and by a significant decrease in trade on the unsecured interbank money market.

Meet the Bank of Italy

The 'Meet the Bank of Italy' initiative is a forum for dialogue with members of the public set up to discuss the Bank of Italy’s activities, tasks and objectives, with the aim of dispelling doubts or popular misconceptions and of answering questions in an open, simple and direct way.

Information on Brexit

In view of the United Kingdom's expected withdrawal from the European Union, the Bank of Italy has set up a webpage providing information on Brexit for the public and for financial intermediaries.

Banking and financial supervision

As national supervisor, the Bank of Italy also provides services directly to the public: it handles complaints, runs the technical secretariats for the Banking and Financial Ombudsman and publishes information on individuals or companies not authorized to carry out banking or financial activities in Italy and other more general notices and communications.

FinTech Channel

FinTech is the abbreviation for Financial Technology, namely the application of technology to the delivery of financing, payment, investment and consulting services, which has become a powerful driver of innovation in the financial services market.

Lira-euro conversion

In compliance with Ruling 216/2015 of Italy’s Constitutional Court, which declared unlawful the bringing forward of the deadline for terminating the redemption of lira banknotes from 28 February 2012 to 6 December 2011 (Article 6 of Decree Law 201/2011, converted into Law 214/2011), on 22 January 2016, the Bank of Italy began lira-euro exchange operations at its branches.


The Bank's geographical organization consists of Branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals. The Branches' activities relate to the State treasury service, banking and financial supervision, banknote circulation, payment system and economic analysis and statistical surveys at the local level.

International Technical cooperation

The Bank of Italy shares its knowledge and experience with the central banks and financial authorities of the emerging countries, supplying staff training activities and technical consultancy.

Bank of Italy's Art Collection

By making its art collection available on its website the Bank of Italy offers the general public the opportunity to view and admire the most important works in its possession. The precious and varied collection has been built up over time through numerous purchases and today it covers a vast time span and many geographical areas.


  1. 18 October Publications Financial Accounts Rome
  2. 18 October Publications Economic Bulletin Rome
  3. 18 October Publications Balance of payments and International Investment Position Rome
  4. 21 October Statistics Italy's international reserves and foreign currency liquidity Rome
  5. 22 October Statistics Bank Lending Survey (BLS): results for Italy Rome
  6. 25 October Publications Payment System Rome
  7. 26 October Appointments Visits to Palazzo Koch Rome
  8. 28 October Statistics Italian contribution to euro-area monetary aggregates and Summary data on Monetary Financial Institutions resident in Italy Rome
  9. 31 October Statistics Banks and Financial Institutions: Financing and Funding by Sector and Geographical Area - Monthly Tables Rome