Visits to the Museum have been temporarily suspended owing to the COVID-19 outbreak

The Banknote Museum was inaugurated at the Bank of Italy's Banknote Directorate in 2001, the year before euro banknotes were introduced and lira notes were withdrawn. The Directorate produces various denominations of euro banknotes using the most advanced equipment and techniques.

The Museum was established thanks to the special efforts of Silvana Balbi de Caro and Gianni Fina and covers more than a hundred years of Italian history with its displays of banknotes, designs, examples of counterfeit notes, and printing materials and equipment. The Museum is therefore a space dedicated to the memory of Italy's industry, work, art, illustrious Italians, science, taste and culture.

The photo gallery aims to give greater access to the contents of the Museum which, for security reasons, is not open to the general public.

Access to the Banknote Museum, by appointment only, is reserved for experts and academics. For further information and bookings, please telephone: 00 39 06 4792-3318/3205/4878/8614/2902.