One museum, three stories

MUDEM is the website for the upcoming Money Museum, a Bank of Italy online space where you can find out about the world of money and finance.

The website lets you take a closer look at the Bank of Italy's amazing cultural heritage and the MUDEM world, its mission and initiatives, as you go on a fascinating journey - suitable for visitors of all ages - in three different exhibition areas.

Multimedia exhibition at Villa Hüffer

In the build-up to the inauguration of the museum, scheduled for 2025 in the magnificent Villa Hüffer in Roma, you will be able to keep up to date with the collections on show, exhibitions, events and educational activities organized by MUDEM - Bank of Italy.

Coin exhibition at Palazzo Koch

The Bank of Italy owns many metal coins that have either been inherited from previous institutions, purchased or are part of its gold reserves. Some of the most beautiful coins will be on display in MUDEM's rooms, while a permanent coin exhibition for specialists and experts is being planned for Palazzo Koch.

Banknote exhibition at the Banknote Building

The Bank has a huge collection of all the Italian banknotes issued since the Unification of Italy. You can see a part of this collection, together with the old printing machines, at the Bank's premises in via Tuscolana in Rome. You can only visit on set days and at set times because of the security needs of the building housing the exhibition.

Visits and contact details

To find out how to organize a visit, go to the dedicated MUDEM website page; for more information, go to the Contacts page.

Coin exhibition