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  1. No. 943 - Sovereign risk, monetary policy and fiscal multipliers: a structural model-based assessmentData di pubblicazione:30 November 2013by Alberto Locarno, Alessandro Notarpietro and Massimiliano Pisani
  2. No. 942 - Supply tightening or lack of demand: an analysis of credit developments during the Lehman Brothers and the sovereign debt crisesData di pubblicazione:30 November 2013by Paolo Del Giovane, Andrea Nobili and Federico Maria Signoretti
  3. No. 941 - The trend-cycle decomposition of output and the Phillips curve: Bayesian estimates for ItalyData di pubblicazione:30 November 2013by Fabio Busetti and Michele Caivano
  4. No. 940 - Heterogeneous firms and credit frictions: a general equilibrium analysis of market entry decisionsData di pubblicazione:30 November 2013by Sara Formai
  5. No. 939 - Shadow banks and macroeconomic instabilityData di pubblicazione:30 November 2013by Roland Meeks, Benjamin Nelson and Piergiorgio Alessandri
  6. No. 938 - Tax deferral and mutual fund inflows: evidence from a quasi-natural experimentData di pubblicazione:30 November 2013by Giuseppe Cappelletti, Giovanni Guazzarotti and Pietro Tommasino
  7. No. 937 - The effect of tax enforcement on tax moraleData di pubblicazione:31 October 2013by Antonio Filippin, Carlo V. Fiorio and Eliana Viviano
  8. No. 936 - The Italian financial cycle: 1861-2011Data di pubblicazione:28 October 2013by Riccardo De Bonis and Andrea Silvestrini
  9. No. 935 - Ita-coin: a new coincident indicator for the Italian economyData di pubblicazione:28 October 2013by Valentina Aprigliano and Lorenzo Bencivelli
  10. No. 934 - Central bank and government in a speculative attack modelData di pubblicazione:30 September 2013by Giuseppe Cappelletti and Lucia Esposito

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