Training and career development

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The Bank is committed to investing in the skills and professionalism of employees from the moment of their engagement as the best way to guarantee an efficient and effective service.

People are the focal point of our mission, and we give priority to their professional development by offering continuous training to help them improve their skills while following their personal inclinations and expressing their individual potential.

Training plays an important role in the Bank in supporting the growth and development of technical, professional and managerial skills amongst our staff.

Our objectives include:

  • helping to create a corporate culture based on a sense of unity and participation and an identifiable management style by means of transversal training activities (management training)
  • developing skills and know-how to help the Bank become increasingly competitive in the market (technical training)
  • sustaining the process of internationalization and promoting a culture of exchange between the Bank's units to foster a growing multicultural environment (language training).

In order to achieve its long-term strategies the Bank has developed a system of Key Professional Competences designed to guarantee continuity of management. Special attention is paid to the development of valuable resources by means of integrated and personalized measures to develop individual professional know-how, organizational skills and proficiency in foreign languages, combining formal learning experiences with on-the-job learning.