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  1. No. 1357 - The macroeconomic effects of falling long-term inflation expectationsData di pubblicazione:22 December 2021by Stefano Neri
  2. No. 1356 - Does gender matter? The effect of high performing peers on academic performancesData di pubblicazione:17 December 2021by Francesca Modena, Enrico Rettore and Giulia Martina Tanzi
  3. No. 1355 - All that glitters is not gold. The economic impact of the Turin Winter OlympicsData di pubblicazione:25 November 2021by Anna Laura Mancini and Giulio Papini
  4. No. 1354 - Permanent versus transitory income shocks over the business cycleData di pubblicazione:23 November 2021by Agnes Kovacs, Concetta Rondinelli and Serena Trucchi
  5. No. 1353 - Does information about current inflation affect expectations and decisions? Another look at Italian firmsData di pubblicazione:19 October 2021by Alfonso Rosolia
  6. No. 1352 - Collateral in bank lending during the financial crises: a borrower and a lender storyData di pubblicazione:19 October 2021by Massimiliano Affinito, Fabiana Sabatini and Massimiliano Stacchini
  7. No. 1351 - Revisiting the case for a fiscal union: the federal fiscal channel of downside-risk sharing in the United StatesData di pubblicazione:19 October 2021by Luca Rossi
  8. No. 1350 - Intergenerational transmission in regulated professions and the role of familismData di pubblicazione:14 October 2021by Omar Bamieh (University of Vienna) and Andrea Cintolesi
  9. No. 1349 - The real effects of bank supervision: evidence from on-site bank inspectionsData di pubblicazione:14 October 2021by Andrea Passalacqua, Paolo Angelini, Francesca Lotti and Giovanni Soggia
  10. No. 1348 - Can capital controls promote green investments in developing countries?Data di pubblicazione:14 October 2021by Alessandro Moro

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