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  1. Conference "Sustainable development, finance and climate risk"Data di pubblicazione:15 July 2019Rome, 3 July 2019
  2. Economic Bulletin No. 3 - 2019Data di pubblicazione:12 July 2019
  3. Month-end financial statement at 31 May 2019Data di pubblicazione:12 July 2019
  4. Survey on Inflation and Growth Expectations - 2019 Q2Data di pubblicazione:10 July 2019Statistics
  5. Compendium of the credit market regional dataData di pubblicazione:2 July 2019
  6. No. 21 - Credit supply and demand in the macro-regionsData di pubblicazione:2 July 2019
  7. Survey of Industrial and Service Firms in 2018Data di pubblicazione:1 July 2019Statistics
  8. No. 85 - The role of the CJEU in shaping the Banking Union: notes on Tercas (T-98/16) and Fininvest (C-219/17)Data di pubblicazione:26 June 2019
  9. No. 14 - Long-term fundamental changes to the EU-wide stress test: a discussion paperData di pubblicazione:25 June 2019
  10. Public Finance Statistics in the European Union - 2018Data di pubblicazione:21 June 2019Statistics

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