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  1. No. 367 - What do external statistics tell us about undeclared assets held abroad and tax evasion?Data di pubblicazione:28 November 2016by Valeria Pellegrini, Alessandra Sanelli and Enrico Tosti
  2. No. 366 - The generation gap: a cohort analysis of earnings levels, dispersion and initial labor market conditions in Italy, 1974-2014Data di pubblicazione:28 November 2016by Alfonso Rosolia and Roberto Torrini
  3. No. 365 - Measuring the aggregate effects of simplifying firm creation in ItalyData di pubblicazione:28 November 2016by Guzmán González-Torres
  4. No. 364 - An inquiry into the determinants of the profitability of Italian banksData di pubblicazione:17 October 2016by Ugo Albertazzi, Alessandro Notarpietro and Stefano Siviero
  5. No. 363 - Foreign holders of Italian government debt securities: new evidenceData di pubblicazione:17 October 2016by Valerio Della Corte and Stefano Federico
  6. No. 362 - An anatomy of Italian cities: evidence from firm-level dataData di pubblicazione:17 October 2016by Andrea Lamorgese and Andrea Petrella
  7. No. 361 - Regulation, tax and capital structure: evidence from administrative data on Italian banksData di pubblicazione:17 October 2016by Steve Bond, Kyung Yeon Ham, Giorgia Maffini, Andrea Nobili and Giacomo Ricotti
  8. No. 360 - Integrating stress tests within the Basel III capital framework: a macroprudentially coherent approachData di pubblicazione:17 October 2016by Pierluigi Bologna and Anatoli Segura
  9. No. 359 - Bank bonds in Italian households' portfoliosData di pubblicazione:17 October 2016by Massimo Coletta and Raffaele Santioni
  10. No. 358 - The financial systems in Russia and Turkey: recent developments and challengesData di pubblicazione:17 October 2016by Simone Auer, Emidio Cocozza and Andrea Colabella

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