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Microdata are available through the REX remote execution system, accessible only to authorized users. Authorized users can then submit programs following the User Guide.

Authors who refer in their publications to results obtained with REX are required to adhere to the following example when citing the source both in data description and under charts and tables: "Source: Bank of Italy, Survey on inflation and growth expectations, [2005Q1-2022Q4]". This shall not in any way imply the involvement of the Bank of Italy, given that the use of the data is under the full and sole responsibility of the author.

To help users test their codes we have created a fake dataset that replicates the internal structure of the original data from the Survey but contains randomly generated data. The dataset is provided in semicolon-delimited ASCII format.

In order to collect bibliographic material coming from the use of data through REX, users are kindly requested to fill in the publication form.

For assistance or further info, please write to RemoteExecution@bancaditalia.it.


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Description of the variables of the Survey on inflation and growth expectations

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Survey on Inflation and Growth Expectations

Since 16 January 2017 the Bank of Italy's statistical data have been published in the 'Statistics' series with a new layout and renewed contents. For further details consult the page Statistics series.