The Register of Entities

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Register of Entities

The Register of Entities is the reference register for the nominative surveys conducted by the Bank of Italy in performing its institutional functions, listing all the entities for which data were collected and identifying each one with an individual code.

It is used for the numerous surveys conducted by the Bank to meet both domestic and the European System of Central Banks' (ESCB) information needs, which are described on the pages devoted to the Central Credit Register and to Credit and financial reporting. The register collates the datasets regardless of the characteristics of the different surveys that use them, such as, for example, the Central Central Credit Register, AnaCredit, Entity Ownership Structures (APE), Shareholders' Register, and Reporting on corporate bodies (Or.So).

The Register of Entities is also one of the sources of data for the ESCB's Register of Institutions and Affiliates Data (RIAD), managed by the European Central Bank. Using RIAD, it is possible to work with integrated data and to properly identify entities at European level; it is also the reference register for the Collection of granular credit and credit risk data: AnaCredit.

Client classification

The Register of Entities uses the system of classification by sector of economic activity indicated in Circular No. 140. This classification reflects that adopted at European level by the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010).