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What is the service?

The Central Credit Register is an information system operated by the Bank of Italy that collects the data supplied by banks and financial companies on the credit they grant to their customers. The service makes these data available. It is free of charge.

Who can use it?

  • natural persons under whose names the information is registered, or their heirs (including presumptive heirs), tutors, guardians and trustees, and
  • legal persons, such as companies, associations, entities and organizations, whose data can be requested by:
  • the legal representative,
  • the bankruptcy receiver or other bankruptcy proceeding official assigned to represent the company,
  • person whith general or special power of attorney; defence attorney with "proxy for appening in court"
  • internal statutory auditors and external accounting auditors
  • partners of "limited-liability company or partners with unlimited liability (for partnerships, including limited partnerships), who may have access to the data for the period in which they have been partners and the period preceding their entry into the partnership.


The data request form can be downloaded from this page or procured at the branches of the Bank of Italy.

You must:

  • fill out and sign the form
  • attach to the form a legible photocopy of your identity document, if you have sent the request by post, fax or certified e-mail or presented it at the branch but not signed it before one of the branch employees.

The request can be submitted to the branch by post, certified e-mail or fax or else delivered in person or by a proxy. The Bank of Italy sends the data by post or certified e-mail. The data may be collected at the Bank of Italy branch, including by an agent who has a proxy and the legible photocopy of the principal's identity document. The proxy form for taking delivery of the data can be downloaded from this page or provided by a branch of the Bank of Italy.

Helpful information

Responsibility for the accuracy of the Central Credit Register data lies with the reporting banks and financial companies. Accordingly, protests or requests for rectification of the data must be sent to these intermediaries, which are required to delete or correct erroneous reports as soon as possible. If the Bank of Italy learns of errors in the Central Credit Register data, it asks the reporting bank or financial company to check and rectify.

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The Bank of Italy operates throughout the country via its branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals.

Credito alla clientela Central Credit Register

The Central Credit Register is an information system on the debt of the customers of the banks and financial companies supervised by the Bank of Italy.