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  1. Payment System - 2020Data di pubblicazione:22 May 2020Statistics
  2. Month-end financial statement at 31 March 2020Data di pubblicazione:15 May 2020
  3. ECB Economic Bulletin, No. 3 - 2020Data di pubblicazione:14 May 2020
  4. ECB Annual Report for 2019Data di pubblicazione:7 May 2020
  5. Financial Stability Report No. 1 - 2020Data di pubblicazione:30 April 2020
  6. No. 88 - Law and Practice of the Banking Union and of its governing Institutions (Cases and Materials)Data di pubblicazione:29 April 2020
  7. No. 559 - An introduction to Italian balance sheets: methodology and stylized factsData di pubblicazione:27 April 2020
  8. No. 558 - SMEs' direct and indirect access to public guarantees: an evaluation of regional regulationsData di pubblicazione:27 April 2020
  9. No. 1276 - Spend today or spend tomorrow? The role of inflation expectations in consumer behaviourData di pubblicazione:27 April 2020
  10. No. 1275 - Monetary policy gradualism and the nonlinear effects of monetary shocksData di pubblicazione:27 April 2020

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