Statistical Bulletin (discontinued)Structure and operations of banks and other financial intermediaries

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Since 16 January 2017 the Bank of Italy’s statistical data has been published in the Statistics series with a new layout and renewed contents. For further details consult the page Statistics series.

Throughout 2017 the Statistical Bulletin is being replaced by three new stand-alone publications. The first new report, Banks and Financial Institutions: Branch Network was published on 31 March 2017, with data referring to end-2016. It contains tables with structural data for the banking and financial system and will be published annually.

The other tables from the Statistical Bulletin have been divided between the other two new quarterly reports, Banks and Financial Institutions: Financing and Funding by Sector and Geographical Area, containing banking and financial statistics, and Banks and Financial Institutions: Credit Conditions and Risk by Sector and Geographical Area, containing statistics on borrower characteristics, the terms and conditions applied and credit risk profiles. Both reports present the data by sector and by geographical area. The first release date for both publications is 29 September 2017, with data referring to the second quarter of 2017.

For information on the conversion between the old coding of the tables previously published in the Statistical Bulletin and the new coding of the tables (some have been renamed) in the three new publications see Concordance Table.

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Analytical data on banks and financial institutions’ operations and risks are contained in the quarterly Statistical Bulletin. The Bulletin includes geographical and sectorial details.

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