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Since 16 January 2017 the Bank of Italy’s statistical data have been published in the ‘Statistics’ series with a new layout and renewed contents. For further details consult the page Statistics series.

The report Banks and Financial Institutions: Branch Network is the first of the three new stand-alone specialized publications into which the Statistical Bulletin will be gradually split over the course of 2017.

The new report will be published yearly and contain data on the geographical distribution of the banking and financial system, namely on the number of financial intermediaries, bank branches and employees, broken down by geographical location and type of bank. For further details on the report and its new features, see the notice to users.

For information on the conversion between the old coding of the tables previously published in the Statistical Bulletin and the new coding of the tables in this publication see the Conversion Chart.

Time series data are available in the Statistical Database section of the website.

To facilitate the correct identification and interpretation of the tables, a map of the concepts  illustrated in the report may be downloaded using the following link.

For further details click on Methods and Sources: Methodological Notes.

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