This section contains some micro-data of particular interest for historical and economic analysis:

  • Balance sheets of Issuing Banks, 1894-1990, by Bank of Italy's Accounting Directorate, Laterza, Roma-Bari (Collana storica della Banca d'Italia - Statistiche). The archive collects historical series, from 1894 to 1990, concerning balance sheets of Banca d'Italia and other issuing institutes (Banco di Napoli e Banco di Sicilia), sectored schemes of these institutes, of the Istituto Nazionale per i Cambi con l'Estero (INCE) and Ufficio Italiano dei Cambi-UIC, as well as the consolidated situation of all the aforementioned entities. 
  • Historical Archive of Credit in Italy, by Natoli S., Piselli P., Triglia I., Vercelli F., Economic History Working Papers, n. 36, January 2016. The Italian banks database (Archivio Storico del Credito in Italia - ASCI) includes harmonized end-year (annual) balance sheet data for approximately 2,600 banks operating in Italy between 1890 and 1973. It includes more than 41,000 balance sheets.
  • Italian Foreign Trade 1862-1950,  by Federico, G.,  Natoli, S., Tattara, G. e Vasta, M.,  Collana Storica della Banca d'Italia, Serie "Statistiche Storiche", Volume n. 4, 2011. The database collects Italy's import-export data towards the main trading partners from 1862 to 1950. The reconstruction produces homogeneous series, obtained through reclassification according to the international nomenclature SITC (Standard International Trade Classification), of over 6,000 categories of products detected by Italian Customs.

Data are disseminated with technical documentation (metadata) for users and further descriptive material. Additional information can be found in the specific publications.