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  1. No. 1204 - Recent trends in economic activity and TFP in Italy with a focus on embodied technical progressData di pubblicazione:12 December 2018by Alessandro Mistretta and Francesco Zollino
  2. No. 1203 - Firms' inflation expectations and investment plansData di pubblicazione:12 December 2018by Adriana Grasso and Tiziano Ropele
  3. No. 1202 - Is ECB monetary policy more powerful in expansions?Data di pubblicazione:12 December 2018by Martina Cecioni
  4. No. 1201 - Contagion in the CoCos market? A case study of two stress eventsData di pubblicazione:6 November 2018by Pierluigi Bologna, Arianna Miglietta and Anatoli Segura
  5. No. 1200 - The effectiveness of capital controlsData di pubblicazione:6 November 2018by Valerio Nispi Landi and Alessandro Schiavone
  6. No. 1199 - Bank capital constraints, credit supply and economic activityData di pubblicazione:6 November 2018by Antonio Maria Conti, Andrea Nobili and Federico Maria Signoretti
  7. No. 1198 - Macroeconomic determinants of the correlation between stocks and bondsData di pubblicazione:6 November 2018by Marcello Pericoli
  8. No. 1197 - Fiscal policy in the US: a new measure of uncertainty and its recent developmentData di pubblicazione:6 November 2018by Alessio Anzuini and Luca Rossi
  9. No. 1196 - Sovereign debt maturity structure and its costsData di pubblicazione:6 November 2018by Flavia Corneli
  10. No. 1195 - Immigrants, labour market dynamics and adjustment to shocks in the euro areaData di pubblicazione:6 November 2018by Gaetano Basso, Francesco D'Amuri and Giovanni Peri

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