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This is a monthly publication of statistics on Italian debt securities and the securities portfolios of portfolio management services and investment funds.

It consists of three sets of information.

  1. Gross and net issues, redemptions and stocks  of debt securities.
  2. Yields at issuance, turnover on the MOT and the MTS wholesale market, average residual maturity and duration of government securities, yields on benchmark government securities and BOT yields.
  3. Portfolio composition of management services run by banks,  securities firms and asset management companies.
  4. Statistics on the balance sheets of  Italian open-end investment funds (harmonized and non-harmonized) compiled on the basis of the harmonized Eurosystem definitions. Information on the net assets and net subscriptions of investment funds managed by Italian financial intermediaries and of funds of non-resident financial intermediaries marketed in Italy.

This publication is part of the Statistics series.

Time series data are available in the Statistical Database section of the website.

For further details click on Methods and Sources: Methodological Notes.

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