Transparency, ethics and the prevention of corruption

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This section contains information on transparency, ethical compliance and the prevention of corruption.


The Director General for Human Resources and Organization is the Bank's Transparency Officer who is responsible for transparency guidelines and activities within the Bank and verifies compliance with the relative provisions. In this section you will find the rules on publicity and transparency describing the data and information that the Bank has agreed to publish on its website.


Following the ECB's Guideline on the principles of the Eurosystem Ethics Framework and similar framework for the Single Supervisory Mechanism, the Bank of Italy has created the role of Ethics Officer who oversees ethical compliance and reports directly to the Governing Board.

The role of Ethics Officer is assigned to the Managing Director for Internal Audit who contributes to defining guidelines and activities as regards ethics and compliance with the Bank's code of conduct.

Prevention of corruption

Given the close link between ethical compliance and the prevention of corruption, the Managing Director for Internal Audit is also responsible for preventing corruption. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Officer is assisted by a dedicated unit.

This section contains the Three-Year Corruption Prevention Plan 2019-2021, presented in two separate documents: the first, whose content is more general, deals with the Bank's organizational arrangements and strategies for preventing corruption and ensuring transparency; the second describes the initiatives undertaken for the three years 2019-2021.

The section also includes the previous Three-Year Corruption Prevention Plans and reports on the state of implementation.