ISIN code service, Securities Database and reporting per Art. 129 Consolidated Banking Law

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ISIN code service

ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is the internationally recognized code for the identification of financial instruments in the markets and in transactions. It is based on the ISO 6166 standard.

The ISIN code is assigned by National Numbering Agencies (NNAs), local specialized operators which, under a federated model, are part of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA), the international association entrusted by ISO with implementing and maintaining the ISIN standards.

Each financial instrument assigned an ISIN code is simultaneously given a Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) code based on ISO standard 10962.

In Italy the ISIN code service is managed by the Bank of Italy.

To use the ISIN code service, it is first necessary to register via the on-line procedure FEAT (Front End Anagrafe Titoli) on the INFOSTAT platform and to accept the Terms of Use.

The ISIN code does not in itself guarantee the validity of the certificates issued for financial instruments, nor the legitimacy of a financial transaction, nor the issuer’s financial ability to discharge its obligations under the financial instrument.

How to register for the ISIN code service

To obtain the credentials to use the service (FEAT), you must complete and submit the ‘Application to join the code service’ according to the instructions set out in the document ‘Instructions for accessing the ISIN code service’, indicating a reference person, who will be in charge of the appointment of other operators. The credentials are issued within two days of the application. Applications for an ISIN code for Italian investment funds, which are not included in this service, must be sent via G.I.A.V.A. (Gestione Integrata Albi di Vigilanza e Anagrafi) web application.

The Securities Database

The Securities Database is an electronic archive containing the details of financial instruments that banking and financial intermediaries and other companies report to the Bank of Italy.

Intermediaries can obtain a monthly report from the Securities Database to allow them to comply with their reporting obligations.

Reporting agents may download data from the web site, whose access is allowed only if they have been previously registered.

Reporting per Art.129 of the Consolidated Banking Law

In October 2016 the data collection on the issue or offer of financial instruments per Art. 129 of the Consolidated Banking Law, regulated by the ‘Provisions concerning the reporting of issues and offerings of financial instruments’, has started.

The content and the method of collecting reports were established considering that the Bank of Italy already gets information on financial instruments as part of the ISIN code service and the Securities Database management.

Consequently, reporting per Art. 129 of the Consolidated Banking Law (Italian TUB) follows an on-line procedure, called FE129 (Front End 129), which is very similar to FEAT (Front End Anagrafe Titoli), the on-line procedure currently in use for the ISIN code service.

For further details on the FE129 procedure please refer to the section “ISIN CODE SERVICE and art. 129 reporting – DOCUMENTS” below.

Please take note that there is only one application process to access both procedures and that all companies already registered as FEAT partners do not need to apply for FE129 as they are automatically registered also as FE129 partners.

With regard to users authorisation, any user already registered as FEAT administrator is also automatically registered as FE129 administrator, while users registered as operators shall request an explicit authorization to administrators for the FE129 procedure.

Companies that need to initially register to the procedures, are invited to promptly send the application form available in the section “ISIN CODE SERVICE and art. 129 reporting – DOCUMENTS” below. Please note that the registration process normally needs two working days to be completed.


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