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  1. No. 5 - Economic Theory and Banking Regulation: The Italian Case (1861-1930s) Data di pubblicazione:2 November 2010 by Alfredo Gigliobianco and Claire Giordano
  2. No. 4 - Through the Magnifying Glass: Provincial Aspects of Industrial Growth in Post-Unification Italy Data di pubblicazione:2 July 2010 by Carlo Ciccarelli and Stefano Fenoaltea
  3. No. 3 - The policy of growth poles in the Mezzogiorno. Elements for a historical perspective Data di pubblicazione:2 June 2010 by Elio Cerrito
  4. No. 2 - European Acquisitions in the United States: Re-examining Olivetti-Underwood Fifty Years Later Data di pubblicazione:2 March 2010 by Federico Barbiellini Amidei, Andrea Goldstein and Marcella Spadoni