No. 837 - School-to-work transitioning programmes: the experience of the Bank of Italy

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by Giulia Cantarini, Carola Carlizza, Pietro Gaudenzi and Lucia SironiMarch 2024

This paper describes the learning model for high-school pupils known as 'Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro' (Italian work experience programmes) or 'Transferable Skills and Guidance Programmes' (PCTO) offered by the Bank of Italy. We illustrate the characteristics of these PCTOs with a focus on the heterogeneity of participating schools, as well as on inclusivity, contributing to the ongoing debate on the relationship between education and employment.

Nearly 11,000 pupils have taken part in a total of more than 1,000 PCTOs since 2016. The topics of greatest interest to schools are consumer protection and financial education, as well as currency circulation and payment instruments. The data gathered through pre- and post-programme questionnaires show that the PCTOs seem to foster the development of transferable skills in the pupils, in addition to improving their knowledge of the Bank of Italy's institutional functions.

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