No. 728 - The effects of climate change on the Italian economy

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by Matteo Alpino, Luca Citino, Guido de Blasio and Federica ZeniOctober 2022

The volume summarizes the results of the research project 'The effects of climate change on the Italian economy'. The project consists of 17 papers which: (a) measure the impact of climatic changes on economic activities, in particular for the more exposed sectors such as agriculture and tourism; (b) analyze some of the policies for adaptation and mitigation, including simplifications of the authorization regime for investments in renewables, measures aimed at correcting some information imperfections in insurance markets and carbon pricing schemes.

The studies carried out show that climate change has important negative consequences for negative impacts on economic activity, widespread across sectors but greater in the most exposed ones. Studies also suggest that appropriate mitigation and adaptation policies can limit the negative effects of climate change.

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