No. 660 - Revisiting monetary policy objectives and strategies: international experience and challenges from the ELB

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by Martina Cecioni, Adriana Grasso, Alessandro Notarpietro and Massimiliano PisaniDecember 2021

The paper describes the monetary policy strategies adopted by central banks in the main advanced economies in the past two decades. Then, using a New Keynesian model calibrated to the euro area, it assesses the effectiveness of alternative monetary policy strategies in an environment, such as the current one, characterized by a relatively high probability that the policy rate hits its effective lower bound (ELB).

All central banks under review target a small and positive inflation rate (typically 2%). In most cases, they set a point target, in some a range or a point surrounded by a band. According to our simulations, under an inflation targeting regime the inflation rate remains, on average, below target when the policy rate is close to the ELB; regimes according to which monetary policy takes into account the past inflation shortfalls from the target or reacts more aggressively to disinflationary shocks are better able to achieve the target.