No. 635 - Infrastructure gaps in Italy: a case-by-case measurement

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by Mauro Bucci, Elena Gennari, Giorgio Ivaldi, Giovanna Messina and Luca MollerJuly 2021

This paper presents a methodological contribution to the measurement of the adequacy of infrastructure in a territory. The method of measurement is adapted to the type of infrastructure considered and its function. The analysis is carried out with a high level of territorial detail and on a wide range of infrastructures, both economic (road and rail transport networks; ports and airports; electricity, water and telecommunications networks) and social (hospitals and waste disposal facilities).

The results point to significant differences in the infrastructural endowment of the different areas of Italy, highlighting more often than not a situation of disadvantage in the South and the Islands.

Forthcoming in: Economia Italiana vol. 2021/2, Minerva Bancaria.

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