No. 605 - Covid-19 and official statistics: a wakeup call?

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by Claudia Biancotti, Alfonso Rosolia, Giovanni Veronese, Robert Kirchner and Francois MouriauxFebruary 2021

Digitization increases the amount of information collected by public administrations and private operators, expanding the possibilities of undestanding phenomena that were previously difficult to measure. During the pandemic, unconventional indicators produced by the private sector filled some gaps in official statistics, providing timely information also on new social and economic dynamics. It is difficult for the producers of official statistics to access the data underlying these indicators.

National and supranational initiatives must be promoted which allow a more extensive and effective access to new generation data. Greater sharing of data collected by private and public entities, while ensuring confidentiality and security requirements, can also benefit the production of official statistics, extending coverage to phenomena and domains that can prove to be important in dealing with unexpected crises such as those triggered by the pandemic.

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