No. 377 - Refugees and asylum seekers in Italy and in the EU

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by Rosario Maria Ballatore, Adele Grompone, Lucia Lucci, Patrizia Passiglia, Andrea Sechi April 2017

The paper lays out a descriptive framework for the recent flows of asylum seekers into Italy and the European Union. After examining the dynamics of illegal entries and applications for international protection, we analyse the differences in how asylum policies are implemented at European level, with the greatest diversity found in the application acceptance rates, the type of protection granted and the speed with which requests are examined. We then take a look at the Italian reception system, discuss its main problems, such as the high degree of fragmentation of reception facilities, and analyse its operating costs. Finally, we discuss the employment performance of immigrants, distinguishing between refugees/asylum seekers and economic migrants, with the former showing a lower probability of employment and slower integration into the labor market.

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