No. 328 - Monetary aggregates in Italy since 1861: evidence from a new dataset

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by Federico Barbiellini Amidei, Riccardo De Bonis, Miria Rocchelli, Alessandra Salvio, Massimiliano StacchiniApril 2016

The paper builds annual time series of Italian monetary aggregates. While previous contributions focused on certain periods in Italy’s economic history, our work covers the years 1861-2014 uninterruptedly; we improve the quality of the existing time series and provide further details on the components of aggregates. The paper also documents the sources and methods used for the estimates. Finally, we discuss the key trends of the aggregates since 1861 and present an econometric analysis of money demand.

Published in 2016 in: Moneta e Credito, v. 69,. 275, pp. 269-315

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