Financial Accounts - 2013Supplements to the Statistical Bulletin - Monetary and Financial Indicators

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  • Financial Accounts, No. 57 - 2013 zip 843.7 KB Data pubblicazione: 06 November 2013 From this Supplement on, the stocks of liabilities in financial derivatives entered into by central government bodies, which were previously calculated only on the basis of information provided by intermediaries operating in Italy, now include the part relating to foreign banks. Under a cooperation agreement with the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, the estimation methods are consistent with the definitions required by the national and financial accounts.
  • Financial Accounts, No. 39 - 2013 zip 974.0 KB Data pubblicazione: 02 August 2013 A misprint in the items "Other accounts receivable and payable" and "Total financial instruments" in the quarterly tables of the Financial Accounts Supplement has been corrected. The misprint was only present in the PDF version of the Supplement. The correction therefore did not concern the version downloadable from the Bank of Italy's statistical data base (BIP on-line) or the annual tables in the PDF version.
  • Financial Accounts, No. 27 - 2013 zip 365.1 KB Data pubblicazione: 07 June 2013
  • Financial Accounts, No. 6 - 2013 zip 364.3 KB Data pubblicazione: 01 February 2013