Conference "Financial Market Regulation after Financial Crises: The Historical Experience"Rome, 16-17 April 2009

According to most observers, de-regulated or poorly regulated financial markets (particularly as far as innovative instruments are concerned) either produced or exacerbated the current financial crisis. Thorough reconsideration of financial regulation is currently under way and likely to result in deep re-regulation of financial markets. Several previous financial crises followed the same pattern: in particular, new - often encompassing - legislation about financial market regulation was introduced as the result of financial crises. A review of past experiences might therefore be useful to economists, regulators and policy makers as they set out to design a new regulatory environment in the wake of the current financial crisis. To that end, the Bank of Italy convened this conference on the historical experience of post-crisis financial regulation.

Organizing Committee: Alfredo Gigliobianco, Gianni Toniolo, Claire Giordano

Secretariat: Rita Anselmi, Carlo Muscariello

Notice: The proceedings of the conference are published in the volume "Financial Market Regulation in the Wake of Financial Crises: The Historical Experience".