Fiscal IndicatorsWorkshops on Public Finance - Perugia, 30 March-1 April 2006

The eight Banca d’Italia workshop on public finances aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the recent theoretical and empirical work on fiscal indicators and their use in the policy debate.

The papers covered four topics: indicators of the effects of macroeconomic developments and discretionary policy decisions on public budgets; indicators of the impact of fiscal policy on output, growth and stabilisation; indicators of fiscal sustainability and the role of fiscal indicators in the policy debate.

The papers highlight the progress made in the development of fiscal indicators and point to the problems still to be tackled. They also emphasize the complexity of the technical and policy issues involved in the use of fiscal indicators.

The workshop allowed experts from the central banks, ministries and economic institutions of several countries, the leading international economic organisations and the academic world to discuss the main theoretical and empirical issues concerning fiscal indicators.

Attendance at the conference is by invitation only.

Organized by the Bank of Italy, Research Department – Public Finance Division

Session II - Discretionary Policy and Fiscal Impact

Session III - Fiscal Sustainability