Required minimum reserves

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The Eurosystem requires banks to hold a proportion of their liabilities in the form of deposits on accounts with their national central bank: the minimum reserve requirement. This is calculated by applying different reserve ratios to specific liability categories. Compliance with this requirement is determined on the basis of the average daily balances of counterparties' reserve accounts over one reserve maintenance period (6 or 7 weeks). The maintenance period calendar is published regularly (see the section on Eurosystem Calendars). Since 20 September 2023, the remuneration rate on the reserve requirement is equal to 0% (see the section on Key ECB interest rates).

Fulfilment of the minimum reserve requirement

Banks can fulfil their minimum reserve requirement indirectly through an intermediary that is subject to such requirements in Italy. The request for authorization of indirect fulfilment of the requirement must be submitted to the Bank of Italy branches concerned. The request must contain a copy of the agreement drawn up between the parties for managing the minimum reserves indirectly and a declaration certifying their working relationship.


Non-compliance with the minimum reserve requirement is notified when the average closing balance of the bank in the maintenance period falls below the required reserves for the same period. In these cases, the breach is notified and a sanction can be applied (see the section on Key Eurosystem interest rates).

Notice to the public

Information on the minimum reserves, published according to the EU currently applicable provisions, can be found on the main business information providers (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters).

A list of monetary financial institutions that are subject to minimum reserve requirements is published by the ECB.


The main regulations are listed below:

MRR national data

Detailed information on minimum reserve requirement nationaI data is available in the Publications sector, under Banks and Money: National Data (Latest reports, tables 3.6a and 3.6b).


The Bank of Italy branches can be contacted for questions on reserve requirements and the related administrative procedures.

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