Administrative acts and agreements with other authorities

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The Bank's administrative procedures end with the adoption, within the deadlines set in the relevant regulations, of specific administrative acts.

The acts relating to the performance of are adopted by the Governing Board; for acts that do not require its discretional evaluation, the Board can grant mandates for adoption to managers of the Bank.

The Supervisory Bulletin publishes general administrative acts and those relating to individual institutions (changes in registers and special lists, extraordinary measures, administrative sanctions).

The acts adopted in the exercise of controls over cash handlers are published in the website section Tasks > Euro issuance.

Disputes concerning administrative acts of the Bank of Italy are heard before an administrative judge under the functional jurisdiction of the Lazio Administrative Tribunal.

This section also contains cooperation agreements and protocols between the Bank and other entities and government departments for the performance of their respective functions.

Jurisdictional control of the acts and provisions adopted in the field of supervision

The Bank of Italy’s supervisory activity takes account of the various forms of administrative proceeding, in accordance in particular with the provisions of Laws 241/1990 and 262/2005, leading to the adoption of measures subject to assessment by the law enforcement authorities.  

The bulk of the rulings in this field relate to appeals lodged against administrative sanctions imposed by the Bank of Italy with regard to those responsible for running, managing or supervising banks or financial intermediaries or their employees, or those who have infringed the supervisory rules. The proceeding is launched following the Bank of Italy’s formal notification of the alleged infringements. During the investigation the interested parties can present their own arguments and defences. The decision as to whether or not to impose any sanctions rests with the Bank of Italy’s Governing Board.

The remaining cases in the area of supervision are related to various proceedings adopted by the Bank of Italy in the course of exercising its supervisory functions, with regard to banks and other supervised intermediaries. 

Disputes concerning measures adopted by the Bank of Italy in the exercise of its supervisory functions are devolved by law upon the jurisdiction of the administrative judge, with the exclusive final competence of the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio.

Jurisdictional control in human resource management

The legal and economic aspects of the Bank of Italy’s permanent employment relationships are the subject of collective bargaining negotiations with the Trade Unions operating within the Bank itself. The related trade union agreements are submitted to the Board of Directors; if approved, they are then transposed into the Personnel Regulations, which contain detailed rules on permanent employment relations with the Bank.   

Permanent employment contracts at the Bank of Italy are not subject to so-called “Privatization” (Legislative Decree 29/1993 and subsequent amendments), and remain subject to public law pursuant to Article 3.1 of Legislative Decree 165/2001; the related disputes are accordingly devolved under law to the exclusive jurisdiction of the administrative judge (Article 63.4 of  Legislative Decree 165/2001).

Agreements with other authorities

This section contains cooperation agreements and protocols between the Bank and other entities and government departments for the performance of their respective functions.

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Governing Board resolutions on the delegation of powers

The Governing Board of the Bank of Italy has delegated to the heads of the Directorate General for Financial Supervision and Regulation, Directorates, and Branches the powers to adopt provisions and acts in the field of banking and financial supervision pursuant to Article 21.5 of the Bank of Italy’s Statute (formerly Article 21.3).

The authorizations were granted by Resolution No. 99 of 10 February 2009, amended by Resolution No. 31 of 15 January 2013 and revised by Resolution No. 60 of 21 January 2014 in order to reflect the new organizational structure of the Bank of Italy’s Directorate General for Financial Supervision and Regulation.

Resolution No. 310 of 7 July 2015 conferred new powers relating to asset management procedures and modified a number of others granted in Resolution No. 99 of 10 February 2009.

Resolution No. 330 of 14 July 2015 conferred new powers for making capital adequacy decisions whereas Resolution No. 347 of 21 July 2015 conferred new powers for authorizing reductions in own funds and approving the capital conservation plan.

Agreements with other authorities

Cooperation agreements with other authorities

Agreements on Financial Education

Surveillance and valuables escort services provided by the Carabinieri Police Corps

Other agreements

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Administrative proceedings and right of access

In the course of its administrative activities the Bank of Italy applies the provisions of Law 241/1990 on administrative proceedings and the right of access to public records and documents.

Supervisory Bulletin

The Supervisory Bulletin, published monthly, contains the measures of a general nature issued by the credit authorities and other significant measures concerning supervised entities.