He was born on 19 September 1964 and is married with one son.

In 1989, he graduated with honours from the Università degli Studi di Palermo with a degree in Economics; his dissertation was on economic policy. In 1992, he earned a Master's in Economics from Coripe - Piemonte.

After various work experiences at economic research institutes and foundations, he was hired by the Bank of Italy in July 1993 and assigned to the Banking and Financial Supervision Area in the Banking Supervision Department, where he was tasked with supervising large banks. In this context, he worked on managing the crises of banking groups in Southern Italy and on the consolidation and reorganization of the Italian banking system that began at the end of the 1990s. He then moved on to handle matters relating to risk measurement and management and the use of models based on internal rating systems to measure bank's capital requirements, representing the Bank of Italy in international working groups both within the Basel Committee and the European Banking Authority.

In 2006, he was asked to coordinate the supervision of the main Italian banking group and of two of the main popolari banking groups. From 2012 to 2014, he represented the Bank of Italy in the working groups that were created to design and implement the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), with the task of defining the organization, methodology and processes of the SSM's supervisory activities. He is also a member of the project group created by the Bank of Italy for the co-ordination of the 'comprehensive assessments' of the significant banking groups.

In January 2014, he became the Head of the Banking Groups Division I of the Banking Supervision 1 Directorate, and was also the national coordinator for two of the main joint supervisory teams.

In 2018, he was appointed Deputy Head of Banking Supervision 2, tasked with supervising less significant banks. He worked on issues relating to small popolari banks, cooperative credit banking groups, the establishment of institutional protection schemes (IPS), NPL disposal procedures, and on improving the efficiency of less significant banks.

He has sat on the commissions set up to oversee the competitive recruitment of graduates to the Bank of Italy. In relation to the topics on which he has worked, he has helped to draft the supervisory guidelines, participated in international technical cooperation projects, conducted external training and communication initiatives, and spoken at seminars and conventions within an academic and institutional context.

In November 2019, he was appointed Head of Banking Supervision 2.