Collections on microfilm

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The Paolo Baffi Library has all the leading international daily newspapers, financial and otherwise, on microfilm. In addition, it owns the following collections on microfilm.

To consult the publications on microfilm, please e-mail the librarian at

The archives of the economists of the Cambridge school

The Library owns the archive papers, reproduced on microfilm, of the economists of the Cambridge school: John Maynard Keynes, Nicholas Kaldor, Richard Kahn, Joan and Austin Robinson (see also Carthe Kahn, Kaldor, Robinson.pdf). The originals are conserved at Cambridge: the papers of the first four economists are at King's College, while Austin Robinson's are at the Marshall Library.
Please contact the librarian in advance to arrange consultation.

The archives of Piero Sraffa

The Library owns a collection of theoretical manuscripts of Piero Sraffa,  as well as his correspondence on scientific matters and the texts of his lectures on the advanced theory of value held at Cambridge in 1928-31. None of the material has been published and the originals are preserved at Trinity College, Cambridge.

The manuscripts trace the evolution of Sraffa’s work on the theory of relative prices and distribution over the period from 1925-26 to 1960.