Cyclical coincident indicator of the Italian economy (Ita-coin)

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The Bank of Italy produces a cyclical coincident indicator for the Italian economy called Ita-coin, which provides monthly real-time estimates of the trend in economic activity, drawing on a large number of variables, both quantitative (industrial output, inflation, retail sales, trade flows, stock market indices) and qualitative (household and business confidence, PMI indicators).

Ita-coin is used for purposes similar to those of €-coin, which was developed for the euro area and distributed jointly with the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). The monthly estimates of Ita-coin are only marginally affected by data revisions and tend to remain stable even when fluctuations in economic activity are very pronounced.


Analysis and methodology

Box in Economic Bulletin 2 / 2015 "Ita-coin: a coincident indicator of the Italian economic cycle"