It is a service offered to the credit and financial intermediaries that report to the Bank of Italy. Based on the information it receives, the Bank of Italy provides free monthly reports to the reporting entities. The return flows are divided into statistical and customized flows.

Statistical flows are different compilations of data based on supervisory reports, interest rates and Central Credit Register. Via the statistical return flows, the reporting entities receive information that they can incorporate into their internal information systems. The use of these databases contributes to the qualitative and quantitative development of the management and control tools available to banks and financial entities and reduces the cost/benefit ratio of producing the reports.

The customized flows are compiled from the Bank of Italy’s Central Credit Register data and are specific to each reporting entity. In particular, after receiving information on the loans granted by the various intermediaries, it aggregates data for each borrower (e.g. for each company) and calculates the customer’s overall indebtedness towards the credit and financial system. This is called the global risk position and does not include information on individual financial intermediaries. With customized flows, the Central Credit Register sends each participating intermediary the global risk position of every customer reported by the intermediary itself, together with that of the parties affiliated with the customer and other related information.


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The Central Credit Register is an information system on the debt of the customers of the banks and financial companies supervised by the Bank of Italy.