Appeal to the Banking and Financial Ombudsman

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The Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF) is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) system for customer complaints about banks and other financial institutions.

It is an independent and impartial organization, with regional panels located in Italy in Bari, Bologna, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Turin. The ABF examines customers'complaints and decides who is in the right according to the law. It is a fast procedure with low costs.

A complaint can be submitted online directly by the customer via the ABF Portal without any legal assistance.

You can find information on how the system works and how to submit complaints on the Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF)'s website.

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The Bank of Italy operates throughout the country via its branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals.

Submitting complaints

By submitting a complaint to the Bank of Italy, the customer can report behaviours on the part of banks and financial intermediaries that they deem to be irregular or wrong or irregularities in the information held in the Central Credit Register (CR) or in the Interbank Register of Bad Cheques and Payment Cards (CAI).