Checking suspected counterfeit notes

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What is the service?

The service makes it possible to have suspected counterfeit notes examined; if they are found to be genuine, at the end of the examination reimbursement is given.

Who can use it?

Anyone who suspects that a note in his possession may be counterfeit. In this case you must not try to spend the note, for this is a crime. You must have it examined by a teller at a bank, post office or Bank of Italy branch.


By delivering the suspected counterfeits to one of the Bank of Italy branches that perform this service or to a bank or post office, which will transmit them to the Bank of Italy.

If the note is withdrawn, you will be given a copy of the report of seizure.

The note is examined by the Bank of Italy's National Counterfeit Analysis Centre for counterfeits in Rome, which determines whether it is counterfeit or genuine. If genuine, you will be reimbursed in full, preferably by credit transfer or, alternatively, by Bank of Italy cashier's cheque made out in your name. If the note is counterfeit, there is no reimbursement.

You can ask for information on the outcome of the Centre's examination at any time by inquiring at a Bank of Italy branch.

Helpful information

The best way to guard against counterfeits and the loss you suffer if one is passed to you is to be familiar with the security features that distinguish the genuine note.

Further information

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The Bank of Italy operates throughout the country via its branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals.

Euro issuance

The Bank of Italy issues euro banknotes in accordance with the principles and rules established within the Eurosystem. As part of the Eurosystem, the Bank produces the quantity of euro banknotes assigned to it, puts them into circulation, withdraws worn notes, takes part in the search for and experimentation of new security features and contributes to the definition of common standards for the quality of the notes in circulation and the fight against counterfeiting.