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What is the service?

The service makes it possible to consult the Historical Archives of the Bank of Italy. The Archives comprise 20 sets of papers, the oldest dating back to 1840, and retain:

  • documents produced or received by the Bank relating to affairs concluded at least 40 years ago and to be conserved permanently
  • papers of the members of the Bank's directorate (governing board)
  • papers from the Bank's predecessor institutions (Banca di Genova, Banca di Torino, Banca Nazionale Toscana and Banca Nazionale nel Regno d'Italia)
  • papers from present and former branches of the Bank of Italy
  • papers of former entities connected with the Bank's activity
  • papers of persons from outside the Bank deposited with or donated to the Archives.

Who can use it?

Persons interested in the historical documents can consult them free of charge.



The Historical Archives of the Bank of Italy are open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:10 to 16:20. Closed national holidays, 29 June, 14 August, 24 and 31 December. The reading room is in Villa Hüffer, Via Nazionale 191, 00184 Rome.

The branches of the Bank have historical archival sections that are an integral part of the Historical Archives. The hours during which they are available for consultation are set on an ad hoc basis and may vary with the needs of the service.


Access to the reading room in Villa Hüffer is by appointment only. To book an appointment:

call one of the following telephone numbers (+39)06.4792.2720 - 3508 - 3509 - 3512 - 5190 - 5716;


send in the booking form (it can be downloaded on this page) by e-mail ( or by fax (+39.06.47923360).

For papers conserved in the historical sections of the branches, contact the branch directly. For papers of branches and agencies now no longer in existence, you must contact the Historical Archives.


The collections may be viewed for papers at least 40 years old. They are generally available on microfilm or digital media. Those available only in the original and stored in other locations will be brought the day after they are requested.
Consultation of the documents is subject to special regulations, which can be downloaded from this page.


You can have photocopies made, but only of the papers relating to your research project. To get copies of single documents without coming to the Archives or branches in person, send your request by e-mail (, specifying the catalogue number, if you know it, or in any case precise information that allows the immediate and unambiguous identification of the document desired. Copies, whose cost must be paid by the applicant, will be sent to the address specified in your request. For information call +39.06.47923806 - 3918.

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The Bank of Italy operates throughout the country via its branches located in the regional capitals and in some provincial capitals.

The Historical Archives

The Historical Archives of the Bank of Italy are one of the most principal sources for the study of Italian economic and banking history in the past two centuries. They conserve documents of prime importance relating to Italian economic and monetary history, the development of the banking system, industrial history, local economies, and international economic relations.