Monetary policy and maintaining currency stability

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Today money continues to be a means of payment, store of value, and medium of exchange. In order for it to carry out all of these functions effectively, confidence in its value must be preserved over time: responsibility for this falls to monetary policy. In these meetings, experts from the Bank of Italy along with external experts will use concrete examples to talk about money and interest rates, the risks of inflation and deflation, conventional and non-standard monetary policy measures, banknote issuance and the role of the ECB and the Bank of Italy.


Statistics for economic analysis

Statistics help us to understand the world around us and find our place in it, they illustrate the interlinkages between sectors and countries, and they form the basis of national and international economic analyses. Ultimately they help us to take the best decisions in the interests of the wider community.

Innovation in the payment system, FinTech and crypto assets

The payment system and the services that support the proper functioning of the markets are the principle components of the financial infrastructure of each country.

Stability in the financial sector and protecting consumers of banking and financial services

Banking supervision is a complex and multifaceted activity that is necessary to preserve the stability and efficiency of the financial system.